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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to choose your Chinese Formal dress?

Anyone know Chinese Dress is From 30's China. But the style the same to 1950's dress ,swept the fashion world  field.

The difference is that in addition to tailoring simple dress, the approach is very simple, not like the 1950's dress, as put interlining and fish bones, dressed in enough light,
Cheongsam, generally only one or two layers of fabric, comfortable, breathable, body skin will be more comfortable, especially for shapely lady.

Now ,Winter is coming here, you can choose thick fabric Chinese dress,

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to choose a perfect wedding dress for your weddings ?

First, look at type wedding now have fish bones, just how much of the distinction between good and bad fish bones and fish bones sewn on clothes meticulous workmanship extent determines the shape. Good wedding, hang in there, S-shaped curve you see is the very type, started to touch is relatively thick, badly of no type, one can see the upper body of a fold of cloth, felt cloth too thin, if you wear a bra, you can see traces of the bra;

Secondly, the work; fact, nothing outside the wedding is like chanting, a Which can make the same style clothes, but less than 150 sophisticated style, the version is not very good in general, will wear against posts, inappropriate,180-350 version of the type more standardized, wearing more fit,

The most important wear yourself look good, so try it, what to wear what looks good, see through effect on the body

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Correct Measure Guide

         A beautiful dress must to match a appropriate body, in order to better show her beauty, so the correct understanding of their respective size details are important.

 Full Bust Size

Waist Size

Hips size 

Shoulder to shoulder 
 (Generally,shoulder to shoulder size is bigger than  your nackline size)
shoulder to nipple
 (Generally,the same bust size,  the  larger the cup, the distance the greater the shoulder to the bust)


(Generally, The neckline size is smaller than your shoulder to shoulder size)

shoulder to floor (without shoes)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Custom Made Lace Wedding Dress

The style is a simple style , but the lace fabric is the best imported net lace, The price is quite good,
Sure, The style got most of client's good feedback.available for your fall weddings , rustic weddings ,vintage weddings or Christmas Weddings,

3/4 Sleeves design, you don't need wear gloves, Still make the bride look elegant,the back little button and the eyelash lace edge  is very perfect.It looks like very chic and lovely.

the style also looks like royal wedding dress. As a whole under the skirt looks very sense of weight.
So if you are royal weddings fans, and don't like solemn and serious royal wedding dress,you can choose this style. Off-the-Shoulder design and big heavy skirt, Both sexy, yet dignified and completely get rid of the serious, if you jump on a gorgeous dance in the wedding party, would be even more lovely.