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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Benefits of Cotton & Linen fabrics and Type

Types of cotton
Many different types of cotton fabrics, the main varieties: plain cloth, poplin, linen, denim, khaki, serge, gabardine, sateen, denim, oxford, chambray, line on the road, velveteen, corduroy, velvet, crepe, seersucker , Chambray, gauze, glass yarn

1. hemp  fabric

⑴ ramie fabric

⑵ linen fabric

⑶ other linen ramie fabric in addition to linen, there are many other hemp fiber fabric, such as jute, sisal cloth, abaca linen etc. These hemp fabric is rarely used in the clothing, used bags, fishing ropes. In addition, very popular in recent years as a health Apocynum clothing apparel, are increasingly being recognized and accepted.

2, hemp blended, interwoven fabric

Ramie, flax fibers can be blended with other fibers or woven, mostly for the low proportion of hemp fiber and chemical fiber, natural fibers blended or mixed, the purpose is set all kinds of fibers make up for it short, so that the fabric more excellent performance, but also can reduce the cost price, welcomed by consumers.

Benefits of cotton fabrics

In the apparel industry, cotton cloth by more and more attention as an important raw material of clothing, cotton cloth which benefits are inseparable, cotton cloth five advantages:
1 breathable, perspire, good cotton cloth on the skin can absorb sweat and sweated, so that the temperature quickly returned to normal, really breathable, absorbent effect, cool, for personal use
2 comfortable, itching, skin affinity, PH value of acidic, non-irritating to the skin, comply with environmental and human health requirements.
3 anti-static, can not ball, fell on, not curling, cotton cloth sewn with cotton, with no free charge, cotton fiber is not easy deformation, can not ball.
4 natural environment, from planting hand woven into cloth, do not use pesticides and chemical dyes, textile does not contain formaldehyde, azo and other chemical heavy metal ions, in full compliance with EU standards for textiles biochemical "Disable carcinogenic - Azo" requirements, is the real green ecological textile treasures.
5 can improve sleep, use the cotton cloth makes the body produce thermal effects, increase the body's microcirculation, effectively regulate the nervous system, clear the meridians, improve sleep quality.
Cotton is a general term for all kinds of textile category. Our common cotton:

Cotton: the name suggests is all woven into the cotton as raw material, has a moisturizing, moisture, heat, alkali, health and other characteristics. It is usually used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. It has the advantage of easy warm, soft skin, moisture absorption, air permeability is very good. Its disadvantage is easy to shrink, easy to fold, easy to play the ball, crisp and beautiful appearance, when worn, must always ironing.

Sparse fine cotton: The correct statement is "fine shuttle cotton", simply means that the organization is better, handle better, but cotton, to prevent this type of fabric can maximize pilling.

Polyester: It is blended with cotton relative terms. Is a polyester and cotton blend, as opposed to "fine shuttle cotton" is to be easy to play ball point, but because there are polyester ingredients, so relative to the cotton fabric is to be soft and that is not easy to wrinkle, but the moisture to almost than cotton.

Washed Cotton: Cotton is as raw material, specially treated surface of the fabric color, luster softer, feel more soft and slightly wrinkled degree embody the kind of old material sense. The wearing of clothing washed with easy deformation does not fade, free ironing advantages. Better washed cotton surface and a uniform layer of plush, unique style.

Ice Cotton: Cotton ice with a thin, breathable, cool, etc. confrontation summer. Popular point that is dominated by a single color, with white, green, pink, light brown, etc., ice cotton with breathable, cool features, smooth feel soft, cool feeling, the surface of the natural folds, wear body thin and not transparent. Suitable for women making dresses, Capri pants, shirts, etc., do not have to wear style is to produce the finest summer apparel fabrics. Pure ice is not shrunk cotton.

Lycra Cotton: Cotton is added in Lycra. Lycra (LYCRA) is produced by DuPont exclusively invented an artificial elastic fibers, freely stretch 4-7 times, and the stress is released, quickly returned to the original length. It can not be used alone, with any other man-made or natural fibers interwoven use. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, the fiber is an invisible, can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Its extraordinary stretch and recovery properties that all fabrics are greatly enriched. Lycra clothing is not only comfortable to wear fit, move freely, and unique superior resilience fold, clothing, durable without deformation.

Cotton mesh: mesh cotton is cotton, but the weave and general different, and more absorbent and not easily deformed.

Silky: mercerized cotton material selection is more upscale, and after a series of strict processing procedures, and its products can be described as cotton best, not only retains the cotton soft and comfortable, moisture permeability of natural advantages, but also has many unique advantages: 1, yarn strength increases, not broken; 2, gloss increases, there is a bunch of silk brightness; 3, dyeing performance improvement, bright color, easy to fade; 4, yarn breakage depth decreases with the tension that is not easy to stretching and deformation.

Linen: is hemp, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, abaca hemp and other plant fibers made of a fabric. Are generally used to make casual wear, work wear, is also known for its production of ordinary summer more.

Its advantage is high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, permeability is very good, wearing very stylish.

Its disadvantage is wearing not very comfortable, look more rough, blunt.

Fabric common are cotton blends, cotton blended fabrics generally use 55% linen and 45% cotton or linen, cotton blend ratio of 50%. Maintain the appearance of rough linen fabric unique style, but also has the characteristics of a soft cotton fabric, linen fabric is not detailed enough to improve the clean, easy to fluff shortcomings. Pay more for cotton weaving cotton for warp, linen weft to pay fabric texture, color fastness and smooth, soft feel of pure linen. Cotton blended fabrics, mostly thin, suitable for summer clothing.

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